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How My Birthday Went (in pictures)

The good Lord granted me another year of life and I'm very grateful for the many blessings that He has given me all these years. And so, to give thanks, we travelled on a pilgrimage to Antipolo on my birthday, May 13, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. Being Mary's month, many folks go up to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage to visit the Black Madonna and pay homage. Masses are held every hour from 5am to 12 noon and then again in the afternoon starting at 4pm (I think). After the mass, we headed to the pasalubong area. A trip to Antipolo is never complete without these good ol' suman and kasoy. And then we headed to ever-reliable McDo for a non-stressful breakfast. We went back home after that and then left again to do my b-day-related government errands: a trip to Philhealth for a correction in the name of a dependent (their fault, argh!), my driver's license renewal, and trips to the municipal hall (for cedula), the baranggay hall (for baran

My Sister and My Kids

My sister arrived last week from Iloilo for a 2-day visit. She bonded with Zoe and Luigi to the max and it shows in the pictures here. Also, with my sister here, I also realized that Zoe's eyes really look more like hers than mine. Let's compare. Zoe and Tita: Zoe and Mommy: See?