Nike Shoes for Zoe

During a family night out in Serendra last Sunday on my husband's birthday, something from the Jump Store made us jump!

We found this cutesy pair of Nike rubbershoes that were perfect for the little girl.

I'm sure Zoe will be so happy to be jumping in this colorful pair!

I can't wait to troop outside again this weekend with all of us in our Nike shoes! Cute! Cute! Cute!


Anonymous said…
hi vina!

i stumbled upon your site through bloghopping n@wies blogs.

anyhoo, i find the shoes really beautiful though. hubby bought a similar one in L.A but it is yet to come here in Manila this July pa :)
Vina P said…
hi! glad you found my site! :-) cute talaga nung shoes noh?
Unknown said…
Great find.!! Those Nike shoes are soooo cute and adorable. I am totally in love with them.

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