Sale at Nuvo City

I literally dragged my husband to HSBC Exclusive Sale at Nuvo City in Libis last Sunday (his birthday). The sale actually started I think last Friday but because of the bad weather, we never got the chance to go there.

Anyway, the sale featured several branded stores such as Gap, Banana Republic, Nine West, Prada, Debenhams, Zara, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, among many others. I was on a hunt for some items (with great discounts) for my husband, Zoe and our upcoming baby boy.

Right at the beginning, my husband had his eyes on the perfume counter. I think he read this new perfume blog that is why he was so interested in getting a new bottle for perfume. However, the perfume which we tried (I think it was a Hugo Boss) didn't smell good enough for me so we ended up not buying it. I'm sure my husband would have wanted to try out some more perfume brands but the pregnant me had a tendency to get dizzy by the smell of any kind of perfume ~ so tough luck for my husband. (Honey, I'll just buy you that new perfume next time alright?)

What I did get to buy are some nice stuff from Zara for him and Zoe:

A simple crew-neck red t-shirt for the birthday boy:

An orange sport shirt from Zara Man, again for my husband:

Lastly, a Zara Girl striped t-shirt with a the letter "V" (for Vioxxx!) for the little girl:

These were definitely good buys!


Rossel said…
belated happy birthday to your husband. mine is tomorrow. nakakagutom naman mga food. parang kailangan kong kumain!

i have an award for you. hope you'll like

God bless your family always.

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