Coffee Break Ver. 1.30

Name 3 restaurants you highly recommend:

On the top of my head, here are my favorites that I always go back to because of the service, good food and price...

1. Conti's - I'm a super avid fan of Conti's. I feel somewhat biased since I personally know one of the Conti sisters. She catered Zoe's baptismal party for us almost 2 years ago and I still remember the raves we received because of the food. Super sarap talaga --- (secretly na pinaglihihan ko din ang baked salmon and lengue estofado nila!).

2. Italianni's - one of the dependable restos serving Italian food. My personal favorites here - Angel Hair Pomodoro and Sicillian Chicken Salad. Yummy, makes my mouth water!

3. Hmmm...tough one -- but I guess I'll list San Jacinto Panciteria in C5 as my number 3. My family loves eating here. We would have dinner here on special occasions like my graduation, birthdays, etc. etc. Plus I love Chinese food! This was really my second choice venue for Zoe's 1st birthday before (though we gave in to Craving's offer since they had a better birthday package and they have plus points when it came to the level of ooomph sa venue and taste).

Other restos I love: Jipan, Lutong Macau in Jupiter, A Venetto, Caprissiosa, Dampa in Ortigas, Oody's and many many more!!!

Sige, gotta go! Hubby and I have a date in Oody's Greenbelt tonight! I'm craving for bagoong rice and Phad Thai... :-P


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